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ProGuard configuration for Survicate Android SDK


The ProGuard configuration of the Survicate SDK looks as follows:

  • SDK has enabled shrinking, obfuscation, and optimization in the build.gradle file
  • SDK refers under the hood to the Moshi and all public elements of Moshi are excluded in the ProGuard config
  • Config contains the following flags:
-renamesourcefileattribute SourceFile
-keepattributes Exceptions,InnerClasses,Signature,Deprecated,
  • Config also:

    • preserves all annotations
    • preserves all public classes, and their public and protected fields and methods
    • preserves all .class method names
    • preserves all native method names and the names of their classes
    • preserves the special static methods that are required in all enumeration classes
    • explicitly preserve all serialization members

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